A Question To Ask On Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around….” John Paul Young.

If you’re single, maybe this song makes you sick?  If I didn’t have anybody to cozy up with at night, I’d probably randomly hurl at the site of lovers rubbing their noses and holding hands in public.  “Why them and not me?!”  Things would get especially tough during Valentine’s time.

Let’s face it, money is but a small shadow of importance if you have nobody to spend it with.  There can never be a debate about, “If you had a choice between finding the love of your life but always be dirt poor, or never finding the love of your life but have all the money in the world, which would you choose?”  I love asking people this question, especially women because it gets them all giddy.  I already know their answer, but it’s fun to hear the way they answer anyway.


The reason why this question is silly is because you will always have some money thanks to others, but there is a chance you will never find love.  Defining love is easy.  You are either in love with someone who loves you back, or you aren’t.  Defining money is hard.  You can blow it all on heroine, gambling, and designer jeans but even then, you will still have money because of moral hazard.  Culprits include: the Bank of Mom & Dad, your friends, your relatives, and good old Uncle Sam who will always be there to take care of you, no matter how reckless your spending.  How ironic.

Since Americans won’t die from a lack of money, motivation to make money won’t always be there.  Here’s where magazines, TV shoes, gurus and personal finance blogs come in to kick your ass into shape.  We step in when you start wondering why your personal finances aren’t where you want them to be.  That’s fine, it’s just when you don’t realize you’re on a particular detrimental course which makes things worrisome.

Whereas with love, you could be the nicest, best looking person on Earth, but because of destiny or what others may call your low self-esteem or lack of ability to love yourself first, you will never be able to find someone.  I don’t know if there’s a worse fate in life than growing old alone.  Well, maybe jabbing long needles into your eyeballs in an enemy prison is worse.


If you’re single, perhaps you are wasting your time thinking about money.  Or, maybe after we’ve reached a certain level of money security or understanding, we should all stop thinking about our personal finances and start think more about our relationships with our loved ones.

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