Are Women Naturally More Trustworthy Than Men?

When it comes to making deals, I think women have an edge.  A friend of mine has a vacation property up in Lake Tahoe and he says he let’s his wife do all the marketing, negotiating, and selling.  Peter marketed their place for the first 12 months to mixed results.  Some months were very strong, and others not so much for what normal rent should be during various times of the year.  Peter said he averaged around $1,800 a month.

Enter Julia, Peter’s wife who just rocks Peter’s world.  After 12 months, Julia averaged a healthy $2,500 or a 39% per month increase in rental income over Peter’s best efforts.  As Peter and I discussed more about Julia’s all-star sales abilities, we came to the conclusion that women are naturally more trustworthy than men.


  • Honestly. When was the last time you heard of a female politician or business person get charged with corruption, theft, or racketeering?  It’s always men.  From Elliot Spitzer to Bernie Madoff, men dominate dishonesty.
  • Patience. Women seem more patient than men.  It’s generally the man who starts huffing and complaining when the airport security line is too long.  I know I have my moments and pray for patience almost every single week.  Women just seem to tolerate a slower pace better than men.
  • Mother figure. We are taught not to disrespect our parents and love our mothers.  Of course we trust and cherish our mothers.  As a result, perhaps there is an unconscious connection that all women remind us of our mothers and can be trusted.
  • Less Threatening. Women aren’t as physically imposing as men, and therefore have a lower physical threat factor.  Men, on the other hand regularly grow to massive sizes and represent practically all of the world’s serial killers, rapists, and steroidal maniacs.
  • Gift of Gab. Women have superior jaw and breathing muscles.  How else does one explain women consistently talking on their cell phones on my bus ride to and from work, where men are generally always peacefully silent?  What else explains the reason why husbands come home and like to relax in front of the TV and read, while wives tend to want to talk about their day?  With the ability to speak constantly, women have a better chance to close deals.


The next time you plan on negotiating, consider having a female work on your behalf.  It’s worked for Peter by the tune of an extra $700 a month.  Just be careful not to work her too hard, or you’ll never hear the end of it!

Readers, do you think women are more trustworthy than men?  If so, what other attributes or things do women have that make them better?  Can you name any corrupt women in business & politics in under 30 seconds?  Why is it always a woman who talks non-stop on their mobile phones during my bus ride to and from work?

Will I be able to say “no” to Meredith, the personal trainer?  Guess now before the upcoming follow up post!



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