Beautiful, Rich And Still Single – I Wonder Why?

San Francisco Transvestite

My tennis buddies and I decided to arrange a late-night tennis match from 8pm-10pm and go out drinking afterwards.  Whichever doubles team loses pays for beers all night long.  It’s a good system that brings out the competitiveness and trash-talking in us.  Besides, we feel less guilty drinking heavily if we exercise first!

My partner and I lost this time around and started buying a round of drinks when an attractive girl came up to me at the bar and said, “You have very nice, large incisors!”  She beamed me a smile.

Why thank you very much,” I responded.  “But what’s that?” I glanced at my pecs, guns, and tummy.

Your incisors are your upper four front teeth.  Hi, my name is Cynthia and I’m a 4th year dental student at UC San Francisco.

Well hello Cynthia, and thanks!  I try to floss twice a day and keep em sharp.  What would you like to drink?

As far as pick-up lines are concerned, this one’s pretty good, especially for a female.  She brings up something completely random, and explains in a way that shows her intelligence and occupation!  Women generally just smile or send winks if they’re interested, at least that’s from my experience.

Cynthia was aggressive and showed a lot of personality.  She had wavy black hair, size 0 skin-tight black pants, and a matching soft leather jacket.  Around her shoulder hung a Chanel bag with an interlinking gold chain strap.  Of course, no outfit would be complete without Manolo 3-inch heels.  Her skin was smooth and unadulterated with marks.  I venture to guess she’s the type of woman plenty of women hate.

At 27, she’s clearly intelligent and isn’t afraid to ask what she wants!


After downing her Moscow Mule, Cynthia told me that she hasn’t been with a guy in four years. This was a surprise since she is an attractive woman with a friendly, albeit aggressive personality. When I asked her why, her response shocked me.

She said, “Well in high school and college, I didn’t date anyone because I was too beautiful and good for them.”

What the….?  She didn’t even say “just joking” to damper her line.  She was serious and she still thinks she’s too beautiful and good for most men.  At this point in time I’m thinking to myself, “Is she one of those crazy ones?  Get me outta here!

Cynthia then rambled on about how she was really focused on dentistry school and trying to get into a post grad program at Johns Hopkins or Harvard.  “No time for boys, but I’m making an effort now!”  Fine, I can admire that type of focus and dedication to one’s career.  It takes guts to be so blunt.

I talked to her for 15 more minutes, gave her a hug, and told her I had to catch up with my buddies.  She slipped me her number before I left and walked out to her new $48,000 pink Mini Cooper and drove away.  Wait a minute….. I thought she was still a dental student?


Cynthia is a Princess now because she does look good and gets a lot of attention.  But, guess what happens over time?  If she keeps up her attitude and incredible sense of self-worth, no guy will ever want to be with her for the long term.  She’ll be 35 years old, and still single because guys will no longer put up with her and date someone younger.  Sure, Cynthia might be fun for a one month fling, but after that, forget about it!

It’s funny how women are predisposed to going out with guys older than them.  Yet, if a woman keeps this mentality, she has less men to choose from as she grows older.  Meanwhile, the younger man who was brushed aside for his immaturity gets a larger and larger pool to choose from.  Don’t hate men because we go after younger women.  We were trained by women through rejection!

During our conversation, Cynthia actually had the gumption to wonder why she was still single.  I almost shit an internal brick, but smiled and shrugged like a sedated patient .  In 5 years, there’s a good chance Cynthia is going to be still single with at least a  great career in dentistry and a lot of money.  Will she have a man wealthy enough to keep up with her $3,000 dollar purses and $800 dollar shoes?  She better, or else he won’t be good enough!

The lesson of this story is to utilize your assets to advance your life, but also downplay them in a humble way.  Nobody is going to want an arrogant person for long, even if she’s the hottest thing on Earth.  Looks get stale and desires fade.  Guys want women who are attractive, but more importantly, who have the biggest hearts for the long run.

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