Can You Really Retire Even If You Have The Financial Means?

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Greetings from somewhere in the Adriatic Sea!  I’ve been on vacation this past week and I’m hoping you couldn’t tell.  It’s a little hard staying away given how addicted I am to writing and interacting online.  If I didn’t care so much, I probably wouldn’t have responded to 150+ comments, published three new posts, written six new posts, and spent $200 on satellite internet connection!

As I was sitting at a lovely seafood restaurant eating linguine, grilled octopus and sipping Mythos beer, I began pondering whether I would really be able to retire early eg 40-45.  It wasn’t just a financial question, because that’s simply mathematics.  The question was really from a philosophical point of view.

If you’re still in your prime, and much of your life has been shaped by what you do for 12 hours a day, is it really as straight-forward as walking away after 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years on the job?  It can’t be that easy.  Those of us who are the most financially meticulous probably have some target age we’d like to retire by.  We’ve got a nice 20-line spreadsheet and most likely will achieve our goals.  But, a lot of us enjoy what we do.  It’s not like we can’t have a pleasant day job and then aggressively pursue our hobbies after hours, right?

I write a post on Yakezie.com entitled, “How Do You Know When To Retire?” where I ponder not so much the how, but the how come.  Perhaps you’ll agree.  Either way, share your thoughts here or there!

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