Family Gets Award For Paying Off $106,000 In Debt

Paying off debt should be straight forward. Yet so many people fail to pay off their debts? If you go $106,000 into personal debt, and pay it off in 5 years, you apparently get the Professional Achievement and Counseling Excellence (PACE) 2009 Graduate Client of the Year Award. I was hoping for a longer award name, but what a great nugget to put on their resume!

The kicker? The Hildebrandt’s decided to dive back into debt with one year left on their pay back plan by buying a house! Furthermore, they took advantage of the $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit. The article ends with sage advice from the Hildebrandt’s saying, “Get out of debt, it’s a choke-hold.”

We should be paying off debt

One of the greatest things about America is free speech. It’s never been paying off debt! Good or bad, we are a society that coddles fragile self-esteem and rewards people for situations they shouldn’t be in from the onset.

Although The Hildebrandt’s aren’t practicing what they preach, they’ve got their award and are living the American dream. Congrats guys! We can’t wait for your next award.

Meet The Hildebrandt’s and read about their great achievement.

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