“I’m Rich, Bitch!” And Other Annoying Things Rich People Say And Do

Car Taking Two Parking Spots

I can take two spots because I’m rich

I took my beloved Moose to the local sports store to get one of those foam rollers for my legs and back. If you haven’t tried a foam roller, you don’t know what you’re missing! Anyway, for some reason, the free parking lot was packed and a number of us had to sit idle in order to wait for a space to open up.

When I finally parked Moose, I noticed something annoying. A $125,000 Fisker KARMA electric car was hogging up two spaces! A 45 year old man came out of the car, blissfully ignoring the rest of us as he headed towards the elevator.

You can could tell he didn’t give a poop he took up two spaces with his overpriced car. I wonder if he would start giving a crap if he returned to a six foot long key mark? It seriously would not surprise me if this guy got carjacked one day. Hmmm, so that’s how class warfare starts!


Here’s a list of things I’ve heard from rich folks who are arrogant.

* “I’m rich, bitch!”

* “Do you know who I am?”

* “I can buy you so STFU!”

* “Your kids will work for my kids, so eat shit and die!”

* “We take care of our own and you’re not one of us.”

* “I worked hard for my money and nobody else helped me!”

* “Get the f out of my way. My time is important!”

* “Just get a job already, you deadbeat loser.”

* “I’m not trying to brag, but here’s how much money I make, bitch.”

* “I own you.

I’ve gotten to know a lot of rich people in my life, and I can tell you one thing. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, if you are a poor asshole, you will just turn into a rich asshole.

There is one thing that rich people cherish dearly, and that’s time. The reason is that time is the one thing that CANNOT be bought. Hence, I’ve definitely noticed rich people are more impatient when they have to wait in line, or when their flight is delayed and so forth.

Poorer folks tend to just shrug their shoulders and make do. As a poorer person now who has to start from zero, late people don’t stress me out anymore. I also love to hang out with my tennis buddies in the park and enjoy the sunshine. When I was working and making a nice chunk of change, there was no time for time.


The $125,000 luxury automobile taking up two parking spaces when other people are waiting is just an example of rich people making other rich people look bad. I decided to write about the situation because I am annoyed by the owner’s audacity to disregard the rest of us. As a result, the cycle of conflict begins!

If you are rich, I kindly ask you stop thinking like you own everything. You might own your multi-million dollar home and your $125,000 automobile, but you do not have more rights than the rest of us on the road, in a parking lot, at a park, at the grocery store, at the airport security line, at a restaurant, and so forth.  Your arrogant ways make those who are trying to be low key look bad!

Readers, have you ever encountered an asshole rich person moment?  What was the most arrogant thing you’ve ever heard someone say to you or someone else?

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