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When planning your road trip to Mexico you need to consider the weather and seasons, so you can make informed decisions about your destination and what to pack. People assume that the weather throughout Mexico is always hot and have visions of palm trees and lots of sun to provide an excellent tan all year round – that’s not necessarily true. Mexico is a large country and its weather can vary greatly from one destination to another depending on elevation and latitude.

High elevation cities: Mexico City, San Cristobal de las Casas, Oaxaca, and Zacatecas temperatures will be moderate during the day, 70’s-80’s, but can be very cold at night, 40’s; temperatures will sometimes drop to freezing at night during the winter.

Mexican beaches and the northern states: These are very hot in the summer reaching into the 90’s; make sure the AC in your vehicle is working properly! Daytime temperatures in the winter stay in the 70’s or even 80’s depending on your destination. Nights are moderate and even in the winter usually only get down to the mid-60’s.

Center of the country: Temperate year-round. Summers are a delight with the average temperature in the 70’s.

Rainy season: Mexico has two main seasons: rainy or dry and the temperature will vary with each. Mexico’s rainy season is typically from April to September and in some places through October. Don’t be discouraged to travel during the rainy season; this is also the time in which you will enjoy the most beautiful lush green landscape of the country. The rains only come late in the afternoon or evenings. You will still have plenty of time to enjoy daytime activities, and, with a little preparation, the nightly activities as well.

Hurricane season: This affects the Yucatan Peninsula, the Gulf coast and southern Pacific coast from late June through early November. Although most hurricanes take place between late August and October, the chances that your destination be hit by a hurricane are very low. Keeping an eye on the weather will also give you plenty of time to take action should it be necessary. It is important that you take the necessary precautions to be safe in the event of a hurricane.

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