ONIG Financial Blog Is Taking A Break

Shutting Things Down For Now

Back at my parents’ home in Honolulu one afternoon, my father asked me, “Are you sure you’re just consulting 25 hours a week? Because it sure seems like a full time job!

Of course I’m sure Dad,” I retorted. But before I knew it, the sun had already set. Another day in paradise, gone. I was working too intently on a client project to care about my niece who wanted to play at the beach or spend time with my mother who just wanted to catch up.

Time Accelerates

If you’re not careful, the best days of your life will pass you by without allowing you to fully experience each moment. I’m almost 39 now, still young to a 60 year old, but almost over the hill to a 25 year old.

What about having a family, I often wonder. I’d be 60 years old when my future daughter turned 21. Would she think I’m a cool dad or a grumpy old fart who pushed her too far? Or what if I can’t have a family, as one reader shares in her struggle to combat infertility? It’s going to be OK, because I’ve always wanted to adopt.

It’s been a great seven year run, but after spending so many hours every week writing content on ONIG Financial Blog, I’m burnt out. It’s just too hard to keep going with the constant pressure to write something value-added while also consulting for corporate clients and personal clients on the side. I’m not sure people realize how long it takes to write some of my posts. Give it a go yourself!

Besides having the courage to press publish three to four times a week, it’s sometimes hard to read the criticism from commenters who haven’t spent time getting to know me. Many just land on one of my articles from a Google search, drop a turd and leave. Every time I ask them to explain their stance or write a rebuttal post, they decline. Why bother criticizing if you aren’t willing to write your own solution? Human nature.

Maybe I need to revamp my About page to deal with all the antagonists. Yeah, that’s it. But will anybody really understand? No matter who you are, it’s always hard to be called names or told you just got lucky when you’re the only one awake at 4am working away.

I’ve received a flood of e-mails every day for years asking me for financial help. I try to respond to everybody, but sometimes I don’t, and I feel guilty because of it. I don’t want to be that uncompassionate person one reader said I was in a post about wanting financial independence badly enough. I want to help everyone who takes the time to reach out, but the scale of this site has made constant interaction unwieldy.

Saying Good-bye

After much soul searching, I’ve decided to wind down ONIG Financial Blog. The expectations are just too great and I need to go on a long vacation. Maybe I’ll go back to Hawaii to lie on the beach and enjoy the simplicities of life. I do love a good poke bowl. Or maybe I’ll go to Paris and then to London to follow my favorite tennis players on their quest for major victories.

In 2016, I’ve finally achieved my $200k passive income goal which I set in 2012. I hope all of you have gained great financial progress as well during this time. There’s no longer a need to try and make more money, or spend so many hours helping others as a financially independent person. Every grenade lobbed my way now only eviscerates rather than strengthens my motivation. It’s time to be greedy with the time I have left.

To all the supporters who add amazing insights in the comments section, thank you! To all the readers who share ONIG Financial Blog on their social sites or tell their friends to stop by, you’re too kind. I’ve gained more from starting this blog than I could have ever imagined. Not a day goes by where I’m not thankful for having taken action that one fateful, financial Armageddon day back in 2009.

The things you do today may change your life for the better. And when it’s all over, you’ll gain satisfaction knowing that no matter what happens, you tried your very, very best.

Readers, what are some ways to combat burnout while still trying to do everything possible to succeed? If you were me, what would you do to keep on going? Is it easier to criticize than support? Why don’t more people try themselves?

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