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Here are the best super bowl commercials for 2010. First of all, congratulations to the Saints for winning the Super Bowl!  The odds makers were so off favoring the Colts by 6, and setting a ridiculous 57 over/under total point line.  Someone out there made a nice chunk of change.  Was it you?

For some reason, there is a thumbs down movement regarding this year’s commercials.  I don’t think people were paying close enough attention.  If they were, they’d be raving!  The underlying theme of my top five picks revolves around love, be it loving something, or falling in love.  You’ll see what I mean.  Enjoy!


#5: “Hands Off My Momma!”

Starting off at #5, Doritos presents a hilariously cute outtake of one kid’s love for his momma and his Doritos! I hope my son protects his momma as nobly when I’m dead and gone.

#4: “Snack Attack Samurai”

As a ONIG Financial Blog, how can I not include this commercial in my top 5? Another humorous rendition of how far some people go to protect the things they love.  This commercial is just plain silly, which is why it’s so much fun.

#3: “A Jumbo Casket Full Of Doritos”

What’s great about this commercial is that his friends are all in on the prank. Sorry ladies, sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do for the thing he desires most, even if it means faking his own death! As one of the biggest pranksters myself, this ranks right up there as an instant classic.

#2: “Parisian Love”

Probably the most spine-tingling commercial of the series. Google tries to humanize their brand and make the consumer realize they aren’t all a bunch of really rich, market dominating giants who raise the cost of living for all of us in the Bay Area! The story is touching, reminding us that life’s journey is precious.  In terms of effectiveness, I don’t know.  Who doesn’t already use Google?  Perhaps it’s all about changing perception, which is what the commercial succeeds in doing for at least 30 seconds.

The Google commercial is the best super bowl commercial for sure.

#1: “Violin Playing Beaver” (A TSF Holding)

Dum, dum, dum, duuuum! The violin playing beaver from Monster.com is my #1 Super Bowl commercial for 2010! With its combination of humor, aspiration, and love, this commercial deftly captures the essence of the human spirit through of all things, a beaver. How can you not laugh when Mr. Beaver thumps his tail in rhythm during his audition? Beaver society tells him to go build dams, but Mr. Beaver pursues his own damn dreams instead!

Readers, what were your favorite Super Bowl commercials?  How would you rank the above five?  Please feel free to link below your favorite commercials and debate!

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In 2021, I personally like the Google Commercial “How Not To Forget.” Powerful!


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