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Everybody has heard of Capital One’s catchy slogan, “What’s In Your Wallet?” so I decided to have a look for myself and hopefully do some comparison with all of you. Capital One was kind enough to sponsor this post.

I hate thick wallets because they are uncomfortable to sit on. If I could have a copy of my driver’s license that has the ability to act as a debt card, credit card, insurance card and identification card for multiple establishments that would be ideal. Too bad we’re still a long ways a way so I do what I can to simplify.

Here’s what’s in my wallet today:

* California driver’s license for both car and motorcycle. Organ donor baby!

* Library card to check out all the latest and greatest personal finance books of course. The ladies love it when I flash my library card, so I keep it in one of the clear front pockets.

* Scuba Schools International diving certification card which I received this year as part of my bucket list. You need to go through one weekend of classes and pool certification, and one weekend of open water dives totaling five dives or more to get certified with SSI.

* New York City MetroCard left over from summer. It costs $1 to get a new MetroCard so I figure I might as well keep mine for next year when I return for the US Open.

* One corporate card. Got to put all business expenses on the business corporate card for book keeping.

* One personal credit card. Focusing all my personal expenses on one card for now for as much rewards points power as possible.

* Cigna health care insurance card. Not only do I never leave home without my insurance card, I also take a picture of it for safe keeping on my phone.

* Garage door access card for my tennis club. Provides free parking long after the club closes if I decide to go to dinner after a hit.

* Lake Tahoe resort owner’s card. Get 10% discount on all food and drinks. Snow season is upon us!

* Lake Tahoe resort owner’s spending card.  Annual debit card allowance given to owners as agreed upon by the hotel management company.

* Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows snowboard season pass. Can’t wait for epic powder! I should have left these cards at home since I’m in Hawaii for four weeks.

* Guest passes for another swim & tennis club in SF. It costs $36 for guests, so it’s nice to have these puppies handy in case I’m downtown and want to go for a workout and lounge in their outdoor hot tub after.

* Five ONIG Financial Blog business cards. Never know when I’ll bump into a lost financial soul!

* Car registration. I keep another copy in Moose’s glove compartment.

* $27 in cash. I usually carry around $50 in cash. Feeling a little low right now.

* Four business receipts. Keep all receipts and dump them into a box at the end of each week.

Too Much Stuff!

After doing this quick little exercise, I realize that I can cut my wallet size in half. I’m always worried that I will lose my wallet because I’ve lost it twice before (returned once) and mugged once as well. It’s the worst feeling to have to cancel all your cards, get your driver’s license from the dreaded DMV, and re-input all your credit card accounts that are on auto deduct such as my insurance and tennis club bills.

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