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There are no refunds after the policy has started on policies with a term of fewer than six months. All policies are eligible for cancellation and a full refund if the policy has not started. The insured is required to contact the company before the start date of the policy to request the cancellation/refund. No refunds are processed during holidays or weekends.

Semi-annual and annual policies are eligible for a refund after the start date of the policy. The refund available is the net premium of the policy less the earned premium. Earned premium is calculated based on the daily rate currently in effect from the start date of the policy through the effective date of cancellation. A minimum earned premium will be retained as well as the policy fee.

Semi-annual and annual policies are eligible for a “substitution” should the insured purchase a new vehicle or otherwise, need to change the insured vehicle. A prorated credit will be issued for the remainder of the policy to be canceled and applied toward a new semi-annual or annual policy for the new vehicle.

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