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McAllen Drivers: Insure Your Vehicle When Crossing the U.S./Mexico Border

Situated on the north side of the Rio Grande, McAllen is a critical border town with Mexico and Texas’ fifth-largest urban area. The cultural and economic ties between cities of the Rio Grande Valley and America’s southern neighbor remain very strong, and countless Americans cross into Mexico every day.

Whenever you drive into Mexico, you must keep security in mind. That means getting a Mexican auto insurance policy. Let the team at Sanborn’s Mexico Auto Insurance help you get coverage.

Trusted Coverage for McAllen Drivers

Every American driver in Mexico must purchase a Mexican auto insurance policy. So when getting coverage, you want to work with an agency that knows what it’s doing. That’s what Sanborn’s Insurance is here for.

Backed by over 70 years of experience, we can ensure that all American drivers in Mexico have the coverage that’s appropriate for them and their vehicles. Whether you are just going to Mexico for a day or taking an extended road trip, we will make sure you receive the protection you need. 


What do auto policies cover?

Mexican law requires all drivers to have auto coverage. Yet, it does not recognize American policies. That’s why you must carry Mexico auto insurance when driving south of the border. Your policy will contain many familiar elements to your American coverage. Ask our agents to include on your policy:

  • Liability Insurance: Insures you against damage you cause others if you are at-fault in a wreck.
  • Physical Damage Insurance: Covers damage to your own vehicle after a wreck.
  • Theft and Natural Disaster Insurance: Pays actual cash value for your vehicle if it’s stolen and covers damage due to the weather like a hurricane, hail or flooding.
  • Medical Coverage: Pays for your medical bills and those of your passengers.

  • Legal assistance coverage: If the police detain you following an accident, this coverage can help you obtain bond or a lawyer.
  • Travel expenses: Helps you pay for the costs of returning home, such as plane or hotel tickets.
  • U.S. repair options: Coverage allows you to have your vehicle repaired in the U.S.

Our Mexican auto insurance underwriter is among the top 5 insurance companies in Mexico. HDI Seguros is a reputable, responsive company which will handle all claims professionally. International Claims Service will assist you through the claims process once you are back in the U.S., so your car can be repaired as soon as possible.  

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Residents of McAllen, Mission, Edinburg and Pharr! Don’t hesitate to get a quote on a personalized Mexico auto insurance policy. Contact Sanborn’s Mexico Auto Insurance at 956-686-0711 or request an online quote now!

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