The Best Financial Advice I’ve Ever Heard From A Comedian!

Here’s the best financial advice I’ve ever heard from a comedian.

One of the best things about living in a big city is the diversity of people.  Minorities are actually a 51% majority, leading to an abundance of food, culture, and festivities.  Most importantly, a diverse community teaches us acceptance and understanding of each other.

Canadian-Indian comedian, Russell Peters recently visited San Francisco where I got to see him perform.  He is an absolute riot!  Russell pokes fun at the incredible ability by both Indian and Chinese to drive hard bargains.  It’s interesting to witness what happens when they negotiate with each other!  Keep an open mind, and I hope you enjoy the skit.

Three Key Lessons From The Video:

1) Never discredit the value of 50 cents, because 50c + 50c = $1 dolla!

2) Don’t be afraid to negotiate.  It’s your money.

3) “Be a man!  Do the right thing!”

Readers, what are some of your best negotiation strategies when it comes to buying things from vendors? Anybody big Dollar Store fans?  What are some of your favorite comedic skits? Any other financial advice from a comedian you’ve heard?

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