The Best Place On Earth To Raise A Family And Live A Good Life

Enjoying the lifestyle of an online entrepreneur in Hawaii

Perusing around the internet, I’ve discovered a lot of young guns living mobile lifestyles in Bangkok, Playa Del Carmen, Costa Rica, and other exotic sounding places. If you don’t plan to have a family and anticipate working for a long time since you probably aren’t making and saving much for retirement, these places are great because they are relatively cheap. I’ve been to all of them, and although nice, they are just a little too removed from friends and family to make living there a long-term solution. Hawaii, on the other hand, is clearly head over heels the best place for an online entrepreneur to live!

That’s right, if we’re talking about living a mobile entrepreneurial lifestyle, Hawaii is even better than my beloved San Francisco. San Francisco is great because of the countless high-paying jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.  The weather is comfortable, there’s lots of good outdoor activities close by, and the infrastructure is solid.  If you have a good resume with contagious enthusiasm and a strong work ethic, you’ll get hired in a heartbeat for $100,000 or much more. Don’t believe me? Ask any mid-to-late 20 year old who works at Google, Facebook Zynga, Youtube, Twitter, Apple, Yahoo, consulting, banking, and so forth how much they make, and they’ll say plenty.

But, what if you’re in your 30s and 40s, and have already accumulated a nice small fortune working for one of these companies and want to take it down a notch? You can stay in California, where the sun shines brightly and the ocean breeze lifts your spirits. Unfortunately, you’ll probably get taxed to death since the state is in such a budget crunch. We’re talking 10% state tax, 10% sales tax, XYZ small business taxes and so forth in California. Honestly, Hawaii is not that much better given state income taxes is 8.25%, but at least sales tax is 4.8% and they don’t tax defined benefits plans.  What’s better is that housing is much cheaper, and all the good stuff is plentiful and free. Last I checked, you never have to pay to lie on the beach and ride any waves!

In a 1,600 word post on Untemplater entitled “The Best Place For An Online Entrepreneur To Live And Work“, I share with readers how my recent 9 day experience was like, pretending to be an online entrepreneur living in Honolulu. I definitely can see myself establishing roots in Hawaii and living there for 6 months of the year, while living in my place in Lake Tahoe for 3 months during the winter, and traveling the rest of the world for the remainder.  It’s my goal to get to that point by Feb 18, 2021.  With the chronicling of my time in Hawaii on Untemplater, I’ve made the first step to see if it’s possible to make it happen. Let’s see if I can get there!


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