The Best Places To Meet The Right Women

Chocolate Assortment To Meet Women

The next closest thing to any warm-blooded, heterosexual guy’s heart besides making money is meeting women.  Perhaps it’s the same for lesbians too, but I can’t be sure since I’m not one.  Some guys are willing to give up all the money in the world to meet women.  I think they’re crazy because half the population are women, so you can meet them once you walk right out the door!

Given readers here are a sophisticated bunch, let’s keep things professional.  I’d like to focus on meeting the right women, not any woman to go hook up with and never talk to again.  The best places to go are those that play to a woman’s sensibility and her desires.

If an old buffoon with a nice spare tire like me can still meet quality women, anybody can.


1) Chocolate festivals.  I love chocolate, but more importantly, women love chocolate even more!  Every year, I go to two huge chocolate festivals, the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival and the Fort Mason Chocolate Salon.  Each festival, the ratio of women to men is around 80/20.Women are in ecstasy as they stuff their faces, drink wine, and be merry.  It is so easy to meet women and strike up a conversation.  “Did you try the chocolate fudge brownies and hot coco?”  Women are so welcoming when they are happy.

2) Food festivals.  We have a bagillion food festivals here in San Francisco given the city’s incredible diversity.  Some of my favorites are the South American food festivals.  Latinas love to party and socialize.  It was evident when I visited Peru, Mexico, and Brazil, and it is still evident at these festivals.  Add some carafes of sangria along with some poblanos and hello good times!  Good food, like chocolate make women happy and you always have a better chance meeting women when they aren’t rabid.

3) Spas.  I try and get a massage once a month.  They are therapeutic, especially when I play a lot of tennis, go mountain biking, or hike.  Every time I go to a spa, it’s usually 90-100% women.  When you’re waiting in the lobby, it’s very easy to strike up a conversation and ask about various massage techniques.  You can also ask women whether they recommend any particular maseuses or treatments.  Insecure guys will think going to a spa is weird, therefore they don’t go.   Women who meet guys at spas tend to meet much more self-confident men who don’t care what other people think.  The guy just wants to relax and enjoy himself, especially with a hot masseuse.

4) Conferences.  Going to a conference is a big commitment.  You’ve got to register, buy a ticket, travel, and sometimes find lodging.  All this adds up to a decent chunk of change, and by golly, you want to get something out of it!  The people you meet at conferences are those who share your same interests.  As a result, it’s exceptionally easy to get to know single women there because you already have something instant to talk about.  It could be a recent or upcoming presentation, or an inquiry of what they are doing afterward.  I go to two conferences on average every year, and this is one of the easiest mediums to meet women.  We’re all captured, and might as well mingle with each other!

5) Charity fund raisers.  There are charity fund raisers of all types.  A couple months ago, I went on a 7 mile hike in the Sierra Nevada to raise money for autism.  There I met two women who wanted to go out that evening.  In August, I volunteer at a tennis event at the Bank of The West Classic to teach kids about the importance of effort, discipline, and fair play.  70% of the volunteers were female tennis players, and we all got to mingle and get to know each other for drinks afterwards.  Finally, I went to a formal mayoral fund-raiser last month and met some of the most talented, high-powered women in recent memory.  Women absolutely love getting dressed up and going to formal dress fundraisers with their girlfriends.

Bonus) The Gap.  You know, the clothing company.  The most coveted membership is not access to a fancy club.  It’s to the Gap cafeteria!  The ratio of women to men is around 75%/25%, and a god portion of the 25% men aren’t your competition.  Dating is a numbers game.  If you are in a room with 99 dudes and 1 woman, you can basically kiss your chances good-bye of ever finding someone.  However, if you are in a room with 99 women and only you, well I guarantee you someone will want to be with you!  Look for friends who work in retail and ask them to take you to their company’s cafeteria.  You’ll be a kid in a candy store.

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You never know when you’ll meet that woman who ignites your fire.  Those who go out more will naturally have a better chance of meeting women.  It’s simply a numbers game really.  However, the above five venues are guaranteed to increase your chances of meeting someone by at least two fold.  The combination of being physically attracted to someone while sharing the same interests creates some combustible passion!

The hard part is making your relationship last.  Now that’s a topic for a different post!

Readers, where are the best places to meet women?  Do you think it’s easy or hard to find the right woman in today’s digitally wired society?


Dr. Sam Love

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