The Fittest People Have The Lowest Self-Esteem

The Fittest People Have The Lowest Self-Esteem

I’m somewhat obsessed with physical fitness right now. As a father of two kids, I want to be fit enough to play with them and live long enough to see them become independent adults. However, I do wonder whether being obsessed about fitness is healthy. Could the fittest people actually have the lowest self-esteem?

Just yesterday I thought, “What’s the point of being thin if I don’t have four pack abs?”  And then I started thinking what kind of person thinks about these types of questions?  Pretty unproductive and pointless if you ask me.

I’ve come to the conclusion that those with the highest self-esteem are some of the least fit and most indebted people on Earth. 

Meanwhile, the fittest people who are constantly thinking about their looks, and who are always at the gym exercising and pumping iron have the lowest self-esteem. They are constantly checking themselves in the mirror to admire their physiques, even though they already know they look fine.

Kind of ironic right?

Think about the extreme case of anorexia. Despite being thinner than the average person, the person who is inflicted with this disease doesn’t have the self-esteem to recognize their own beauty and stop punishing themselves. 

Now think about the morbidly obese person. Is this also a disease as well?  The person doesn’t really care what you think of him or her.

Be Who You Want To Be

Everything is pretty logical.  Nobody gains weight unless they want to.  The pleasure of eating really tasty food and not having to work out outweighs any annoyance that gaining weight produces.  If you were truly bothered by your weight gain, you’d logically start eating less, think about the starvation of others, and start working out.

When you have high self-esteem, you don’t give a damn what other people think about you.  You live your life with pride and purpose and don’t care if you’re tipping the scales because you’re comfortable with who you are.  The same thing with getting in debt too.  You don’t listen to pundits and people who like to shame folks into spending responsibility.  You utilize debt with freedom, enjoying a great life you cannot technically afford because you don’t care.

Look at multi-millionaire Dr. Phil.  He’s overweight, yet he wrote a weight loss book! That takes great self-esteem and great courage to be able to produce a book teaching others how to lose weight if you yourself are out of shape.  

He doesn’t care and makes millions because of it. Look at Oprah. She’s not in great shape, but she is a billionaire because she has great confidence in her message.  She helps others and makes people happy.

Perhaps Fit People Are Mentally Weak

If you go to the gym, you’ll see some enormously buff guys and extremely toned women working their tails off.  They are already at their peak level of fitness. Running another 1 mile isn’t going to get them anywhere!  You will notice the guy checking out his abs and biceps in the mirror.  Sneaking a peak at himself.  The woman will check out her butt, in her $100 Lululemon outfit and admire herself.  She’ll prance around the gym, making sure other guys notice her.

Some of the fittest people are weak and insecure! You can see it everywhere.  The vertically challenged guy gets huge. The insecure woman eats so little so she can get into a size zero and feel better about herself. 

I’ve got some insecurities because I’ve had thoughts about my fitness and weight since I was 8 years old. I remember sucking in my gut when I was 9 during swim class because I didn’t want the girl I liked to think I was fat!  9 years old!  Jee whiz.

The next time you see a really out of shape person who is snowed under a mountain of debt, congratulate them for their courage! Sit down with them and try and figure out how they developed such great self-esteem. 

Chances are, they will simply tell you that they’ve stopped caring about what other people think.  Our own confidence is one of our greatest tools for achieving success.  Make sure you have some, and don’t ever let it go!

OK, please note I don’t believe the fittest people have the lowest self-esteem. On the contrary, when you’re fit, you feel great and self-esteem grows.

I’m just saying not to overly obsess about your fitness. If you do, that might be an indication of self-esteem issues.

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