The Parable Of The Ant and The Grasshopper

The Government Encourages Small Business Owners To Fire Employees

During difficult economic times, Socialism becomes a popular ideology due to the increased amount of economic suffering.  When times are good, it’s OK if others make a lot of money and do well, so long as you are also doing well.  As soon as things turn bad, it then becomes curiously not OK if someone else continues to do well if you are struggling.  Why can’t we be happy for someone else?  Why do we have to bring others down?

There are things about Socialism I like, such as making sure nobody has to go bankrupt and live in poverty due to inadequate healthcare coverage.  And then there are some things about Socialism I don’t like, such as the numerous examples of corrupt Socialist leaders who pilfer their people.

One of my comrades in the post, “Socialism As A Means To A Brighter Future” commented an old parable that demonstrates why Socialism might not be a way for a better tomorrow.  Have a read and let me know your thoughts.

That’s a stupid example you use of the punk in the subway who would magically turn into a nice person if you gave him more. That is where you are wrong Comrade, the more you give people the lazier they get, ie people on welfare are dirty people in general (yikes!) versus blue collar hard working people. The more you give the less motivated the creators are in a society.

My parable: The ant worked hard all summer collecting food and preparing his home for winter. The grasshopper played all summer not doing any work.

When winter came the grasshopper had no food. No worries, the grasshopper elected a socialist leader that took away 40 percent of the ants food and gave it to the grasshopper.

The next year the ant decided that the new government would take care of him the same way so he played all summer too, as did all the other hard working producing ants.

When winter came, there was no food and they all starved to death.

Except for a few fairy lands, economic times are tough.  I wouldn’t mind the government siphoning off millions of dollars from billionaires to give to the rest of us poor folks.  But, I’m not about to lobby or vote for anybody who would do that because I have too much pride.

I believe I can take care of myself and not depend on the charity of others for extended periods of time.  If I’m down and out, yes, I would like a helping hand from the government who receives plenty of my tax dollars.  But, I can only accept as much help as I put in.  Otherwise, I’m taking away from someone else’s hard work and that’s not right.


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