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Money, sex, power, love, faith and family. What more do you need to live a happy life? I’ve read a number of very uninspiring “Best Jobs” articles by career think tanks and I’ve decided to write my own. I really don’t know what some of these publications are thinking. It’s as if the best jobs on their list are all their top advertisement clients or something.

Actuary, audiologist, and dental hygienist are considered three of the best jobs according to a company called Career Path. Who? No wonder why the majority of people hate their jobs if these are considered the best of the best. Even suicide rates for those in their 40s and 50s are up a startling 28% in the past decade according to the government, probably thanks to miserable jobs.

Life is too short to do bullshit jobs for bullshit money. Your’re not going to look back on your life and think how awesome you were for selling millions of gadgets. You won’t care that you litigated the hell out of your competitors. Nor will it matter whether you made your clients big bucks. The truly best jobs in the world are those you would gladly do for free because you are producing something meaningful to society.


If you want the best jobs, you’ve got to be an outstanding candidate. If everybody could snag one of these jobs on my list, then the jobs would be average by definition.

* Medical Doctor – Despite the incredible amount of education one needs to become an MD and the falling insurance reimbursement rates, there’s nothing more rewarding that making someone feel better. Once we lose our health, we have nothing. Hence, those who are able to provide our health, mitigate, pain, or allow us to survive must unequivocally have the best job in the world. Most doctors remain practicing doctors for the rest of their lives. Hours become very tolerable once you own your practice. Starting salaries for cardiologists are in the $300,000 range.

* Congressperson – You’ve got power and you’ve got a healthy six figure salary with incredible perks. Furthermore, the laws you make for others, such as the Sequestration has no affect on you. What can be more exhilarating then telling people to do something you aren’t willing to do? Or what about punishing people who do what you do, like insider trading while you are on the committee that enacts legislation to determine the fate of a company? While you are in Congress, you will see your net worth grow multiple times faster than the average American. When you retire from Congress, you can get a pension and incredible positions in the private sector.

* Sports Model – You’re fit, good looking, rich, and can’t stop getting people to adore you. Big wave surfer Laird Hamilton makes millions a year through endorsements and modeling shoots. He gets to make money going to places like Tahiti and the North Shore of Oahu to ride waves. While he’s surfing he’s getting a tan and burning calories to maintain his physique. Meanwhile, he gives back to various charities such as the Maui Autism foundation. I don’t think elite athletes and sports models ever feel like they are working for a living.

* Blogger – For creative types who like to write, take photographs, be their own boss, and interact with people from all around the world, there’s no better job than blogging. A pro blogger is not tied down to one location. Wherever there is an internet connection there’s an office. You see immediate results from your hard work through the feedback from your community. You can help others through your expertise on various subjects without asking for anything in return. Some might see pro blogging as a thankless job, but I see blogging as the greatest communication outlet around. There’s nothing more professionally gratifying than building something from nothing and watching it grow. You can even make a healthy six figure income online if you get big enough.

Pro Blogging Income Statement

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* Travel Personality – Imagine getting paid to travel to incredible locations all the while staying at wonderful hotels and eating the most sumptuous of foods. Rick Steves has achieved great success through his Rick Steves’ Europe and Travel With Rick Steves series. Wherever Rick goes, you know that every single restaurant and hotel will roll out the red carpet in hopes of getting a positive review. Any relatives and friends of Rick’s will also receive such treatment. By producing the best travel guides around, Rick helps millions of travel fans a year, and ensures his work will continue helping others long after he’s gone.


* A Teacher Married To A Rich Spouse – Being a teacher is probably one of the most underpaid, under-appreciated jobs around. Yes, it’s great teachers get two to three months off a year, but their salaries bake in such time off. But if you can teach kids to grow up to be outstanding citizens while not having to worry about your own financial stability, then I dare say being a teacher married to a wealthy spouse must be highly rewarding. A tenured professor is right up on the list as well.

* Board Member – Once you become somebody of significance, you can become a professional board member. You go to quarterly and annual board meetings to provide input to your fellow board members, presidents, CEOs, and chairmen who are all high powered in their own right. As a board member, you often get compensated in stock and income. Al Gore has been on the board of Apple since the early 2000s and presided over a stock that has gone from $8 to over $400 during his tenure, making him close to $100 million in the process.

* Rock Star Judge – Not only do you have musical talents, you also get to go on TV and show your lovely personality to legions of existing and new fans. Imagine making millions from your album sales, then leveraging The Voice to promote your new album, and making millions from being a judge on The Voice as well? There’s no way the best musicians in the world won’t want to work with you, thereby increasing your chances of producing another mega platinum hit.

* Money Manager – Being a mutual fund or hedge fund manager can potentially make you a lot of money if you have enough assets under management. If you are big enough, you get to meet with the CEOs of some of the most dynamic companies around the world. You utilize your analytical skills and get to experience in absolute clarity how your effort pays off through the performance of your holdings. There is something new to learn every day. If you like intellectual stimulation, very few professions provide more.

* Athlete – The greatest athletes are those who would gladly do their jobs for free. Not only can you get paid for your skills on the field, you can also earn endorsement money. Careers don’t last long, nor is every sport lucrative, but the correlation with joy and job is among the highest around.


Are you a glutton for punishment? The most perplexing thing I’ve come across when writing my book on how to profitably quit your job is meeting so many people who are miserable with their jobs and not doing anything about it! I can understand if we lived in times of dictatorship and slavery why changing jobs is a no, no. But we live in a time where the world has never been freer with stable governments and the internet.

Perhaps the fear of change is most arresting. Or maybe people don’t want to seek happiness because they underestimate their abilities. If you have no idea how to proceed in speaking to your managers and HR colleagues about wanting change, then you will probably never change.

The one thing I can unequivocally tell everybody who is considering changing jobs is that we need much less than we think to be happy. I no longer have a multiple six figure job, but life is better than ever before because my stress level is down and I get to do what I like. Furthermore, the government safety net is as large as it’s ever been.

For those who want the best jobs in the world, you’ve got to put in your dues. Everybody has their own idea of what “the best job” is. I’ve presented mine. What are yours?

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