There Is No Monopoly On Being Rich: Adopt A Wealth Mindset

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Abigail has bragged on posts that they only spent $50 for the weekend on eating out. She could not bear to cook. Her husband was afraid that roaches would get in crockpot while food was cooking, so they had to get fast food. He has a delicate stomach, so he cannot eat what she cooks, so gets fast food for him. They like some sort of gaming with cards and travel to trade these cards. Cards are like $150. each. She started collecting, doing the same cards so she could do something with him–couple time. Otherwise, they had nothing they could do together.

You get what I am saying? Delicate stomach only can eat fast food? How ridiculous. Afraid of how she cooks and what she allows into food? Fast food is always clean? Sure! She argues desperately and does not see the irony in his looking for stomach-easy and disease-free food in fast food instead of a home kitchen. Because…

She hates to clean and cook, so she considered getting a weekly maid and having someone cook food for three (I think or maybe two) meals a day and bring it to them. She may have done it. People don’t post when she gets these ideas. No use crossing her. He has to rest lots because of his condition, but he can drive and play/trade these card games for several days, without a nap, no doubt.

Picking up things each morning or night is not an option for her. He won’t eat leftovers! What a mess!

He is too delicate to do yard work or do repairs, yet they bought a house with a guest house so his spendthrift parents could live with them. The parents were sending them to the poor house last I heard. I cannot bear to read her posts. Yes, she is a complainer and Debby Downer. I have disabilities that are much more severe than both of theirs combined.

Husband has ADHD or something. So, everyone is afraid of his impulsivity and walks around on eggshells. I am a teacher and do not believe ADHD is a problem we should medicate or accommodate with lowered expectations. Unruly or overactive children who have parents who have tolerated their behavior and expect others to mollycoddle their kids are the problem. I believe ADD and ADHD is from innate temperament that is encouraged by parents that don’t want to be parents. They want to be friends with the child. My daughter puts up with outrageous behavior from her only child, a daughter, behavior that will be dangerous when the child is a teen.

I could tell you stories from special ed classes to prove my point.

Abby did have a bad health problem and residual problems. But, she tolerates no other opinion and wants to be petted like her mother pets her. She said her blog is to connect with others with disabilities. I have a very young friend who has a disability and thinks everyone should agree with her about everything. She tolerates no other voice. Some people with disabilities define themselves by their disability. Abby does that.

It has been so long since I read your post! I probably have not read all the comments. But, hard work won’t necessarily make a person successful. Even working smarter won’t work always. Being in the right place at the right time, having the right background, being the right gender, the right ethnicity, good ideas, and dumb luck all play a role in success. “Luck favors the prepared.” Sometimes that works.

The one thing I did not like about your post is the optimism about “no monopoly on being rich”” that feels like I am being beat over the head by Pollyanna. However, that is more tolerable, something I can ignore or argue with. Abby pulls the disability card out and waves it in our faces. No fighting with disability. She has a thousand excuses why she must spend money right now. She has a mother who enables her to spend. Abby knows she will not suffer. I feel sorry for her for her low self-esteem and being chained to a whiny-baby husband.

I have read a few of your posts and like your blog. Hers? Not so much.

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