Why Do I Need Mexican Car Insurance?

Mexico Auto Insurance

Why Do I Need Mexican Car Insurance?

If you are planning to take a road trip into Mexico, then you have to make the appropriate preparations. After all, crossing the international border requires appropriate documentation, especially in these days of tight border control and social distancing requirements.

Besides passports, applicable visas and vehicle importation permits, one piece of documentation that you cannot forget is a Mexican car insurance policy. However, because they already have car insurance in the States, many American drivers wonder why they must buy a Mexican policy, too? Isn’t their American policy ample enough to protect them?

The answer is a resounding no.

To legally drive in Mexico, you must have a policy issued in compliance with Mexican law. This is for your own safety, your vehicle’s security and the safety of other drivers on the road with you.

Let’s take a closer look at why you need a Mexican car insurance policy, and when you are ready to get coverage, Sanborn’s Mexico Auto Insurance is here to help you find the perfect policy.

1. Mexico does not recognize foreign insurance.

The United States and Mexico have two entirely separate legal codes. Therefore, Mexico’s insurance laws differ considerably from those north of the border.

As a result, when you drive into Mexico, your American car insurance policy is not accepted as proof of financial responsibility by Mexican law.

In some limited cases, your American policy will include physical damage covering your own car in Mexico for up to 25 miles from the border. However, it will not provide liability coverage while you are in Mexico. To comply with Mexican law and have the coverage you need, you must get a Mexican auto policy from a Mexican insurance carrier.

Sanborn’s will help you get the coverage you need, while driving your vehicle in Mexico.

2. It is the Law to Carry Coverage

By law, all drivers on Mexican highways, including foreign drivers, must have liability insurance.

Like most U.S. states, Mexico uses an at-fault insurance system to determine who pays for accident damages. This means that if an accident is your fault, then you must pay for your own vehicle damage and any damage or injuries that you cause to others. You must carry liability insurance to help yourself meet these obligations.

Keep in mind that even if your American auto policy provides limited coverage in Mexico, it will not cover liability coverage. Therefore, you have no way to drive on any stretch of road in Mexico if you do not have this coverage in place.

It is recommended that you carry at least $300,000 Liability coverage, to cover your risk in case of an at-fault accident.

3. You Must Have Coverage to Cross the Border

As you prepare to cross the border, Mexican authorities might ask you if you have proof of insurance and other necessary documents. Likewise, when you cross back into the United States, American border officials will likely ask for proof that your American auto insurance remains active.

If you do not have insurance, then you might face delays in crossing. Additionally, if you get caught driving without insurance in either country, then penalties are likely to apply. It is best to leave nothing to chance.

4. It Will Protect Your Vehicle

To receive comprehensive coverage for your vehicle’s damage following a wreck in Mexico, ask your agent to include physical damage insurance on your plan. Therefore, if you have a wreck south of the border, you can still receive compensation to pay for your damage.

Often, the benefits provided by a Mexican insurance policy are much more expansive than any coverage your American policy might continue to extend in Mexico. Many policies will cover not only the costs of repairs, but also additional travel expenses (such as return plane tickets) that might arise as a result of the accident. Some will also pay for you to have your vehicle transported back to the states for repairs.

5. It Provides You With Legal Assistance When Accidents Are Your Fault

Though Mexico uses an at-fault auto insurance system, the process is different from what you might experience back home. When an accident is suspected to be your fault, it is not uncommon that the police might arrest or detain you until the proper legal arrangements are made. This is not unusual, nor is it a long-term inconvenience.

Your Mexican insurance policy will likely be able to foresee and provide the necessary assistance in these cases. Many plans will be able to offer you both bail and legal assistance in case you must hire a lawyer to help you settle the damage. Therefore, you’ll have the protection you need at all times.

It is Sanborn’s responsibility to help you get the appropriate auto insurance for any trip to Mexico. With our help, you will receive the best possible insurance benefits for all of your foreign travel needs.


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